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What’s Next For ‘Overwatch’? Blizzard Shares 2017 Overview!

Sunday 1st January 2017 by Ajay Stephens

2016 has been a productive and successful year for Overwatch. Even though it’s only been out for seven months, Overwatch has revolutionized gaming. The Overwatch team at Blizzard has shown (and continues to show) dedication and passion for their creation. This love for the game has translated into the players and as a result created a supportive community. As the game continues to grow, it is questioned whether or not Overwatch can keep up with the momentum. Can Blizzard continue to build on an already Game of the Year? Here’s what Blizzard says to expect  in 2017:

In early 2017, Overwatch will be getting a new map called Oasis. Oasis is a control map equipped with jump pads for more versatile attacks. Blizzard also made it so the environment can kill you; they included moving cars!

There will be new season events, which means more skins!!! We have already experienced the awesomeness of the Summer Games, Halloween, and Holiday events, but this is just the beginning. We are getting more seasonal events but be aware that they are not all traditional; we may be getting something that we aren’t expecting.

Blizzard will also be working on new upgrades for the command wheel. These upgrades will allow the player to customize their command wheel. They will be able to add up to 4 voice lines, 4 emotes, and 4 sprays.

Another upgrade will be to the team chat. Players want other players to be on team chat because teamwork is an important element to winning games. So Blizzard will have a button that’ll encourage players to join team chat. Personally, I am not sure how they will implement this function or if it would work, but I am excited to see what they come up with.

Overwatch will be also getting new heroes, maps, and game modes. Unfortunately there isn’t any information on what types of new heroes and maps at the moment. One game mode Blizzard plans to expand on is custom games. They want to add a server browser that will help players find other players’ custom matches. This will be useful because you won’t have to wait for you friends to get online for you to enjoy a game with no rules.

Knowing Blizzard’s plan of action for 2017 has made me confident in their abilities and excited to what is to come. Hopefully theses additions will make an already Game of the Year a Game of the Generation.